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Abiatti's Gelato Shop
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Small Commercial
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"Modern", Clean
Employees and Customers
Description and notes:
Even before Uberto Abiatti and his parents migrated from Italy in 1904, he was fascinated by the food and how heavily it could vary even between small sections of his home country of Italy. While Uberto grew up with light exposure to gelato, he never cared much for the blends he had tried until he headed south during the end of his teenage years. He found one he loved and managed to create his own secret version based upon it. Upon arriving in America, he grasped the entrepeneurial spirit and opened a shop deep in downtown Rochester in 1914.

Shortly after opening, Uberto was deeply afraid for his business, as he invested his entire worth as well as multiple family favors into his dream shop. Customers were rare, and he realized much too late his business savvy was not up to par to survive on an unsuccessful shop. Perhaps only weeks before he would be forced to shut down, a very wealthy man walked into his gelato shop and ordered a serving. The man immediately offered to invest in the shop and advertise however he could.

After this chance encounter, the shop transformed dramatically. The inside changed from the remnants of a decrepit butcher shop to a true gelato shop. The walls were repainted a bright, clean white and the counter was replaced and compiled with a freezing system to store the treat where the public could see it. The shop added new tables for customers to sit at, as well as multiple new employees (many from the Abiatti family itself) to serve the influx of new customers.
From the outside, the shop still looked like a simple brick building, but this began to act as a charming feature as opposed to a strict deterrent.