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Abiatti Family Home
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Small Residential
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Brown Square

Medium, Two Story Home
Not new, but not falling apart
Abiatti Family Members, Uberto Abiatti
Description and notes:
Located deep in Brown Square, this small home was one of a few that housed members of the extended Abiatti family family, an Italian family that had migrated from the Abiategrasso region of Italy. While only a few members of the family occupied the home at first, more and more immigrated as the Italian-American Abiattis fulfilled their American dream and earned the money to reunite with those who wished to experience America for themselves. By 1920, multiple homes similar to this one near Brown Park were brimming with Abiattis and family friends.

Inside the home, the smell of home cooking, such as breads, sauces, and pastas, was ever present. Ingredients were never hard to come by, as the young Abiatti men who did not work the factories worked the mills and farms in the Northwest of Rochester, making grains highly accessible and relatively inexpensive.

While not the wealthiest family in the city or the area, the home was of a decent size. The two-story apartment featured four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large family dining room, though not much else existed in the home apart from a small living room and a few cramped hallways connecting it all. Of the Abiatti homes, this was often the chosen spot for large family dinners. Pictures of family members still in Italy lined the walls of the hallways and the dining room. As they immigrated over, the head of the household would take their picture down from the wall after gretting them at the door.

From the outside, the home appeared to be bursting with life, true to the condition of the inside. A front porch loaded with rockers rounded two sides of the home, as the house sat on a block corner. The elderly members of the family were often seen sitting here.