NAME: Albert R. Stone ("Stoney")
Born September 2, 1866

white (English-Yankee descent)

News Photographer

Democrat and Chronicle Photographer
"white Wing"
Babe Ruth
Stone molding
Shoe Making


George Eastman once proclaimed he was "the peer of all American newspaper photographers."

He has a son named Daniel who started in the printing department of Democrat and Chronicle, where they worked together to create more than 14,000 glass-plate negatives, film negatives, and prints. The two took pictures of some important figures (4 different US Presidents) but mostly of Rochester citizens. It has been said that he was able to "grasp the human side of everything", which made his career successful.

He captured many important moments in Rochester history, including the first public flight of Glenn Curtiss's "White Wing" in Pleasant Valley. He also shot the first aerial photos of Rochester with the experimental Kodak A1 aerial camera. Surprisingly, he was also able to meet Babe Ruth since he was the color caller for opening day of baseball in Rochester for over 25 years.

Before photography, Stone knew farm work and school were not for him. He began with stone molding and then soon traded that for show making. While Rochester was prominent in show manufacturing, he worked at several plants. When he fell unemployed, he looked to the rising photography industry and purchased a camera. He sold his photos for money and that is how a reporter for the Rochester Herald found him. The Herald later became known as The Democrat and Chronicle that he and his son worked at.